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Sheila Atwood, Managing Editor (Pay and HR practice) and Ed Cronin, Research Manager at XpertHR

“Pay rises and salary planning 2020/2021”

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted lives, the economy and much else. XpertHR uses its data to highlight the 2020 effects and 2021 implications when it comes to employee reward.

  • Pay awards in 2020
  • Pay forecasts in 2021
  • Changing the focus of employee benefits
  • The latest pay movements by functional area
  • Pay trends by job seniority

Isobel Colson, The Get Going Coach at Happy Coffee Consulting

“Getting You & Your Teams Through COVID Winter”

What’s in your toolbox, to help teams successfully navigate lockdown? We’ll share techniques that leaders’ can use to support team members, to help them stay functioning and productive.

  • How and why to take care of yourself first.
  • Why psychological safety and social capital are so important now and how to create them.
  • What leaders can do to help bring teams together, especially those who are now WFH.
  • What Happiness at work has to offer, an important alternative to perks.
  • The difference between a team and a tribe and why you should care.

 Jake Sanders, Regional Manager at Virgin Pulse

“Engagement and Phychological Safety: How they walk hand in hand into the workplace of the

We will look into how a move to hybrid working is putting more pressure on employers to support employees wherever they are. How can employers leverage technology to meet this need, empowering employee choice, mental wellbeing, and belonging.

  • Managing uncertainty in a changing environment
  • Prioritising proactive and reactive care
  • Delivering engaging behaviour change
  • Supporting employee resilience
  • How to lead wellbeing change

Heidi Allan, Senior Consultant, Head of Financial Wellbeing at LCP

“Build back better – the benefits of a financially fit workforce and how to achieve it”

We explore how employees are feeling and the impact of financial stress on their behaviour. We consider the role of employers in supporting good financial health and why it matters.

  • The impacts of Covid 19 of financial health
  • The accidental saver
  • Understanding employee needs
  • The role of the workplace
  • Build back workplace confidence