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Peter Brauer, CEO – Turning Point HR

“The five best retention tools in your reward proposition”

Knowing the market value for your roles is crucial in attracting and retaining your top talent. Ensuring you offer a competitive package will go some way to achieving this, but is it the whole story?

In his presentation, Peter will outline the five key tools that you need to consider in order to differentiate your company in a competitive market.

  • It’s all about the money – isn’t it?
  • Working from home is a benefit we are proud to offer – really?
  • That work life balance thing seems slightly imbalanced
  • We can’t all progress to be CEO, surely?
  • A job for life – what could be better?

By deconstructing some popular myths and putting forward some creative suggestions, Peter will walk you through the current reward landscape with some left field observations and factual data insights

Matthew Gregson, Executive Director – Howden Group

“How the World of Work is Re-Shaping Benefits Thinking”

In this session, we will share our latest research to showcase how the ever-evolving work landscape, responding to talent, health and economic pressures, is demanding fundamentally different thinking for benefits & well-being strategies. We hope to challenge your thinking and inspire you to disrupt the status quo, accept the gaps in your current offerings and start thinking about how to re-build programmes that will support the businesses and workforce of the future.

  • Join us to find out the key trends and statistics HR professionals are facing
  • Findings from our 2024 benefits design research in association with REBA (Reward Employee Benefit Association)

Sarah Jones, CEO & Founder – Sarah Jones Coaching

“Secrets of attracting employees in the future, in a volatile, uncertain world”

Employee turnover can cost over £11k per person, so how do we retain employees and provide a meaningful employee experience, and what do employees want today?

  • Overview of employee populations in the UK
  • The cost of not retaining and motivating employees
  • What do different generations want from a company?
  • What you can do as company
  • What your leaders need to do