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The Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum is a highly focused event that brings the industry together, for one-to-one business meetings and valuable networking opportunities; saving you months of time, research and money.

The event will guarantee:
– An audience of pre-qualified buyers
– Selected and ‘matched’ meetings
– No time wasters
– No hidden costs
– Just one-to-one sales meetings throughout!

Employee Benefits Suppliers

Our hybrid event
The Employee Benefits & Rewards Forum offers the flexibility to attend either a live or virtual event.

Should you not be able to physically attend the live event, you have the option to meet with senior buyers via our virtual meeting platform.
Our event concept of pre-matched one-to-one meetings, is facilitated by our proprietary matching software with live video meetings, creating our live meet the buyer event experience virtually, with five easy steps.

  • Confirm your place at the Forum
  • Upload your company profile
  • Select the buyers you wish to meet with
  • Log on to your personal event itinerary page
  • Click on video links to join meetings with matched buyers
Tailored to meet your requirements like no other event.
Your time is precious, valuable and limited. At the Forum, we will deliver a first-rate return on investment, and put you in touch with benefits professionals who have specifically asked to meet you, would like to discuss your products and services, and are pro-actively looking for solutions for their organisation.      
The Forum also offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to promote your services and solutions to senior decision makers, who have the authority to spend and are reviewing their current suppliers.

Key benefits
We organise personalised appointments with buyers and suppliers to meet in their own dedicated meeting booth. Each supplier will have a series of 25 minute meetings with key decision makers over the two days.

You are guaranteed a captive audience of professionals, pre-selected and matched meetings, and cost effective and measurable ROI, without any time-wasters and hidden costs.


Supplier FAQs - LIVE

Your package will include your appointment schedule, stand with electrics, furniture and name board, all meals and refreshments, WiFi and detailed information on attending delegates. Your company logo and information will also be included on email, website and social media marketing for the event.

At the event, we will supply you with a meeting stand consisting of 4 grey material panels. Two back panels and two side panels. Your stand will include a company name board, light, power, furniture and Wi-Fi access. Each grey panel measures: 2134mm high. (You can affix marketing material to this area) and 1000mm wide.

The focus of the event is the pre-arranged meeting schedule. With this in mind, any additional marketing material to dress your stand (as detailed in the previous question) and that you wish to give to delegates is at your discretion. You will be provided with electrics to charge any laptops/tablets and will be supplied with an event information pack at registration, detailing delegate contact details and information (with space for making notes).

You will be updated periodically on attending delegates, from the time of confirming your place, right up until the event itself.

In the run up to the event, you will be sent login information for our online pre-event selection process. From here, you will be able to confirm your details, shortlist and prioritise delegates you would like to meet at the event, add information on the representatives attending the event (including dietary or accessibility requirements) and review and submit all your information.

Working on selections that you have made online, and those from attending delegates, we put together individual itineraries following the priorities below:

  • Perfect matches; where a delegate and supplier have both requested to meet one another
  • Delegate requests; where a delegate has an interest in a supplier’s product/service
  • Supplier requests; where suppliers have registered an interest in meeting a delegate

Once you have your online login, you will be prompted to upload your single A5 page company profile, logo and synopsis, as well as selecting products and services that you provide. This will enable delegates to see some information on your organisation, and select to meet with you closer to the event. This process is all explained to you in more detail closer to the event. You will also need to prepare any event specific marketing that you wish to bring, but other than this, pre-event preparation is minimal.

It is unlikely that you will not be selected by any delegates, as we work with an active delegate analysis to ensure that participating suppliers cover the products and services of interest to delegates.

The dress code during the day is business attire.

Supplier FAQs - VIRTUAL

At the heart of our Forums and Summits is an itinerary of pre-arranged, online one-to-one meetings between industry relevant delegates and suppliers. Meetings are hosted via video meetings and are all bespoke to you and your business, all you need to do is log on to your attendee page and click on the links to join a meeting.

If you are attending one of our Forums or Summits, we will send you login information for our online pre-event selection process. From here, you will need to confirm your details, select seminars to attend, shortlist suppliers that you wish to meet, add any additional information such as dietary or accessibility requirements, and review and submit this information.

We will create your personalised itinerary based on the information you supply and on your own personal preferences.

At our Forums and Summits, we work on selections that you have made online, cross-referencing with those from attending suppliers. Your individual itinerary is put together based on the following priorities:

  • Perfect matches; where a delegate and supplier have both requested to meet one another
  • Delegate requests; where a delegate has an interest in a particular supplier
  • Supplier requests; where a supplier has registered an interested in meeting a delegate

The seminars you select will be added in-between these meetings on your personalised itinerary.

As an attendee, you will be sent a link to your personal attendee page, here you will see your itinerary of meetings. These meetings have been allocated through either delegate or supplier choices.

At each appointment time, a notification will appear in the activity box and ask you to join. Please click on the join now button on your screen and you will be connected to your meeting.